The next generation of the Original PostMaster, a family of solutions.

Continued excellence with time proven performance. Master Halco, the leader and innovator of the Original PostMaster.

Why Install PostMaster

  • Post can be easily hidden from view on both sides

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Withstands up to 73 MPH winds

  • Designed to work with standard 2×4 rails

  • Can be used for almost any wood fence style

The invisible steel fence post

PostMaster is the only steel fence post on the market designed to be hidden from view.


With a Lifetime Limited Warranty you will not have to worry about replacing your fence in just a few years.

Home Owners

If you home currently uses wood or steel fence posts PostMaster is the solution to have both a steel post fence and the clean look of wood.

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With the use of horizontal fences on the rise for multi-family residential, commercial, and even restaurant sites, PostMaster is the easy way to do it.

A Fresh Look

If your commercial property is looking to create a privacy fence, PostMaster is a great solution

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We have partnered with several large retailers so that homeowners can use PostMaster posts for DIY projects.

Available Nationwide

While many stores stock the 7’6″ PostMaster, all of the stores can special order any sizes that we make.

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Build Your Ideal Space

With PostMaster any design you want is possible.

Our Homeowners Say

“I could not be happier, my property lies next to a lake where we regularly get 50+ mph wind gusts.  The winds pushed over my old wood fence with wood posts.  Six months after install, my PostMaster fence is still perfectly straight.”

Nate M • Homeowner

“When I replaced the fence around my backyard, I had to make 3 fences both meet the township fence regulations and match my neighbors’ fences.  PostMaster made the job easy by being able to change styles without having to use different posts for each section.”

Gary S • Homeowner

Building Inspiring Fences

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