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An Investment In Quality

A new fence is a large investment for a family, so you should consider the full cost of installing different types of fence posts.  The classic wood post is the most economical but it begins weathering / diminishing performance. If you are planning on using a steel post, be sure to factor in the bracket clamps and post caps into the cost.  When you include these parts it can cause a typical steel post to be more expensive than a The Original PostMaster post.

The Original PostMaster Round Steel Post Pressure Treated Pine
Material Specs 7’6″ PostMaster 16 Gauge 2-3/8″ x 8′ 4″x4″x8′ Pressure Treated Post
Post Cost $41.23 $20.97 $9.68
Bracket Cost (3 per Post) $9.33
Post Cap Cost (1 per Post) $1.98
Total Post Cost $41.23 $32.28 $9.68

Pricing presented is an estimate based on retail pricing in October 2021, actual pricing may vary.

Exceptional Performance

PostMaster Plus and The Original PostMaster is designed for more than just presenting a seamless fence, it is an investment in peace of mind. PostMaster Plus and The Original PostMaster are designed to withstand up to 73 mph winds, and will not shrink, warp or rot like wood posts.  We feel so confident in this product that we place a Life Time Limited warranty on the post. As a company that has been in fencing for 55 years, you know we will be there if there ever is an issue.

PostMaster Plus&The Original PostMaster Round Steel Post Pressure Treated Pine
Wind Resistance 73 MPH 68 MPH 75 MPH at Install*
Structural Warranty Limited Lifetime
Post Easily Hidden From View YES No No
Will Not Shrink, Warp or Rot YES YES No

*After install the wood can warp, rot or shrink that can affect its wind resistance ability.