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Common Question

Where Do I Find The Corner Clips?

You can either order your clips from any retail store by requesting Master Halco Part #633675 or you can call Master Halco directly at 1.888.643.3623 and we will get them to you.

What PostMaster Fence Post Height Do I Need?

Master Halco has provided a basic reference chart for use in most 6 foot and 8 foot high fences.  This chart is meant to serve as basic guidance for most, but not all fences.  We strongly recommend that you discuss your fence design needs with a local Professional Fence Contractor or a local structural engineer as they are the most familiar with your local codes, ordinances and conditions and can help you determine the correct post length you need.

Overall Fence Height Post Height Maximum Post Spacing* Where To Buy
6 foot 7ft 6in 8ft Retailer (Stocked at Stores)**
6 foot 8ft 8ft Professional Fence Contractor
8 foot 10ft 4ft Professional Fence Contractor
8 foot 12ft 4ft Professional Fence Contractor

*Maximum allowable on center post spacing to maintain warranty
**Local Retailers may offer additional sizes. Check with the Special Order or Professional Desks for availability and pricing

What Depth do I set PostMaster?

As shown in our installation instructions we advise that the post be set at least 24 inches into the ground for standard 6 foot and 36 inches into the ground 8 foot high fences.  If you have concerns or questions about how to meet your local code requirements, Master Halco recommends you contact a local structural engineer to do a full evaluation before starting any construction.  Master Halco has technical information sheets available for the engineer available upon request.